Monday, May 14, 2007

South Africa!


Warren and I are in South Africa.
Our luggage is not in South Africa.

Our long flight from Dulles was actually quite nice and we were informed early that 10% of the luggage would not land with us. How is it possible that all of our bags were in the 10%?

This morning we were bumped from our flight into Namibia. Warren schmoozed us into a business class seat 2 hours later. (Actually, Lisa did. - W)

Torture? Nope. We are in Africa! I am with cute husband who always says ... Everyday is a good day when you see a new bird.....

Our birding expedition this morning was in the area around the pool of our hotel in Jo Burg. New birds?... Yes!

Black-Headed Heron (Jo-Burg airport-- seen as plane touched down)

Red-Headed Finch
Cape Sparrow (soon to be a trash bird)
Cape White-Eye
Cape Turtle Dove
Cape Robin Chat
Karoo Thrush

Cape Robin Chat - Photo: P. Palmer

Warren Says: They also have House Sparrows here, ugh! Lisa is being an amazing trooper given our, ahem, traveling difficulties... which will soon go away.

Lisa Says: Well...Cute Husband did just buy me a swanky safari outfit at the airport store. I am currently relaxing in the lovely airport lounge reserved for the peeps who get to travel in the front of the plane. And, I am thinking that a nice Windhoek Lager might work for lunch. Yup, I am managing to be a trooper.....ha!

On to Namibia!

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Anonymous said...

Let me give this a try....
To Lisa:
1. Hope you're feeling better.
2. No luggage, that stinks! And after all those fabulous trips to the midstore....