Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Namibian Creatures Without Feathers....

The birding in Namibia was super amazing, but the mammal-ing wasn't too shabby either.... Oryx. Can also be found on many local menus.

Black backed Jackal. Actually, not 1/2 as scary as Wild Kingdom led me to believe.

He looks innocent, right?

This is the guy that gave us the evil eye. He did not remind me of Dumbo.

He looks innocent. Nope. He would gladly climb up your pant leg.

Brown faced Impala. Super beautiful.

5 Lions.

Springbok. Unfortunately, pretty low on the food chain.

Banded Moogoose. I don't remember anything specific about them that scared me silly.

This was taken at 6AM.
Mr. Piggy!
All pictures courtesy of Cute Husband. Great work, Babe..... Maybe a career in photo-journalism?


Biddy said...

i stumbled upon your blog through another blog i stumbled upon...congratulations, you have officially made me TOTALLY miss Africa...I thought I was getting over it. Yeah, not so much. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go plan trip #3!

oh and by the way, we totally got chased by a grumpy elephant BOTH times I was there!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we wished we could start the whole journey all over again right after we landed back in Maryland.

Well, we could skip the lost luggage part.

I think our trip #2 will include the Caprivi Strip. Although, we have heard tales about grumpy water buffalo...