Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More on Long-Eared Owls .. and Spring!? (6)

Photo: Peter Kaestner

Here's a pic of a long-eared owl in Cairo, Egypt, of all places. The bird was found by Kimberly Kaestner and photographed by her husband, birding legend Peter Kaestner. According to this web site, Long-Eared Owls are Holartic, meaning they range across much of Eurasia, as well as North America.

Well, who knew?


Meanwhile, Lisa and I were taking our evening walk through the neighborhood last night when she heard some geese honking far overhead. These guys weren't just flying about, they were on the move. In the mornings, more and more birds - Song Sparrows, Cardinals, Towhees - seem to be belting out their full song, rather than the standard call. It's been so many months since we heard these songs, which are used to stake out territory and attract mates, that they sound new all over again. I have to stop and say to myself - hey, what's that bird?

If they say it's spring, who are we to disagree?

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