Saturday, January 13, 2007

While the cat is away....

Hey, doesn't the cover look familiar? A bit like Sibley's Field Guides..... hmmm....

With cute husband off globe trotting, I spent Saturday night lounging and reading.

I swear, Honey, that is exactly what I did! :)

Songbird Journeys: Four Seasons in the Lives of Migratory Birds by Miyoko Chu was my Saturday night date. I am loving it. The book is divided into the four seasons. The Spring section details the study of the trans-Gulf migration, the 15 hour, 600 mile nonstop flight that migrant songbirds undertake to procreate. We have learned a lot about migration since the early 40's when George Lowery pointed his telescope at the moon searching for silhouettes of birds. With the help of technology, we now know significantly more about how birds navigate, how fast they travel and where exactly they are going.

Interesting stuff. So, why is the study of migration important? "Understanding the connectivity of birds - the connection between all the places they inhabit throughout the year has tremendous implications for the conservation of birds." Knowing where birds are coming from, traveling over and resting in helps us identify the areas that need protection.

The Spring section ends with a list of birding hot spots and info on reading weather and radar images to predict migration. Very cool!

Summer to follow..... Missing you, cute husband...

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