Saturday, January 13, 2007


SHANNON, Ireland--The uglier half of BirdCouple (that's Warren, natch) is off on a 7-day, 7-nation trip with SecState Condoleezza Rice. Trips like this don't leave much time for birding, what with country-hopping airplanes, crazed, sleep-starved schedules and cities seen from a careening motorcade...

But, the Birdcouple has 400 bird species to see this year... Perhaps W can add a few?

* UPDATE: Warren had 5 birds on the Condi trip, 3 of them (Cattle Egret in Egypt, Wood Pigeon and Eurasian Magpie in UK), seen through the windows of a bus. Also had Hooded Crow in Jerusalem and Eurasian Kestrel (LIFER!) in Luxor, Egypt.

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