Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sometimes you "dip"

Dip - That's Birder-talk for going after a big bird and missing it. I made a mad, 5-hour, 200-mile dash yesterday from our home in Annapolis to try to see a Tropical Kingbird (usually a resident of say, Arizona) that had been spotted in southeastern Maryland. It would be the first record of this bird in our home state. That map on the right (courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology) shows the normal range of Tyrannus melancholicus in the United States - the top of the small orange area.

Well, others were at the site where it had been reported and had seen it that morning, but it didn't return in the afternoon. Am I upset? Hell, no. It was a fun chase! And I was only 30 minutes late for a dinner party back in the 'hood.


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