Friday, December 29, 2006

Chickadee Envy

It is a little hard to tell if this is a Black-capped or a Carolina, but he is all mine now. The neighborhood holiday party was big fun and included a "steal a gift" exchange: .

Warren selected lucky number 17. At number 6, Mr. Chickadee was opened by a lovely elderly woman. Once I laid eyes on him, I knew he would be mine. I could barely listen to the ongoing gossip that surrounded me as I watched numbers 7-16 open new gifts without stealing anything. Our turn! Well, I guess MY turn, as I totally forgot to ask cute husband if he would have preferred some other trinket like the holiday candles or the blue vase . I gently, yet firmly tugged him from lovely woman and assured her that better gifts existed under the tree (as if). The game rules allowed for only one steal. Victory was mine! Oh, how numbers 18 - 24 cried that they all wanted him! All tried to bully me into giving up Chicky for some lousy frame or cheap bottle of wine (we brought that).

Being new to the neighborhood, I promised to hang him in a window where everyone could see from the road; as long as they didn't come in our yard.

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