Friday, December 29, 2006

The Birding Couple do 2006!

A great man passed away on 2/27/06. He helped me buy a car when I was 17 and he later fixed it when I forgot to put oil in it. He showed me how to peel a peach with a pocket knife and he taught me that everything could be described with one simple word: "whatchmacallit". He smiled when we heard the song of a wood thrush from his porch and he loved my grandmother.

In March, Warren and I bought and sold a house. Our new love nest came with raccoons, possums, fox, mice and over an acre of warbler woods.

Old backyard.

New backyard.

Our first 1/2 marathon - 2 days after we moved 50 million boxes. Warren would have won the race if we hadn't agreed to finish together.

I celebrated a big b-day in March. My parents gave me bees to try my beekeeping skills for the second year in a row.

Warren gave me Florida and birds....Swallow-Tailed Kite and Roseate Spoonbills in the Everglades. Black-whiskered Vireo on the way to the Keys. Antillean Nighthawk in Key West Brown Noddy, Black Noddy, Masked Booby in the Dry Tortugas.

If you are looking for a great guide and a fun ride, Larry Manfredi is genius in Florida:

In June, we had the pleasure of Peter Kaestner staying with us for the weekend.

Peter has over 8,000 birds!

Warren and Peter are writing the greatest work of man and bird kind.

Warren received praise throughout the year for his work My Babe is not only a great birder, but also a great journalist:

Even Senator Biden recognizes Warren's Greatness:

MR. JOSEPH: Senator --SEN. BIDEN: ... I have two other questions if you mark that one down to respond to --the budget. The other one is that -- I'd also like -- I'm going to submit an article to you you've already seen, February 7th, "State Department sees exodus of weapons experts," Warren Strobel, first-rate well-known reporter here, Knight Ridder. I have questions off of that I'll submit for the record I'd like you to be able to respond to.

He is such a star, he even gets hate mail!

Warren, Your story fails to mention over 500 missiles have been found. Saringas does not deteriorate. Perhaps we should put a few milli-liters in your home to see if it still is letal. Thanks for continuing to spread propaganda, be responsible for killing our soldiers because you live with a jack-ass behind your name ratherthan an elephant. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, BACK HAND A REPORTER! TJR

In May, we did a personal Big Day that included two states and the District of Columbia. We totaled 83 species with highlights including Olive- sided Flycatcher, Mourning Warbler and Yellow-throated Vireo. And, a load of miles on the car.

In July, we took Mitch and Adam to the San Juan Islands for a three day kayaking/camping trip. We had great views of Rinocerous Auklet off the ferry to Friday Island, celebrated when we saw a flock of Northwestern Crows and finally positively nailed a Purple Finch. The highlight of the trip was spending 5 days with two fine young men.

In the Fall, Mitch and Warren celebrated Mitch's birthday in the most insane way. Warren counted no birds on his way down.

In 2006, the first man I ever birded with fights and beats cancer and the amazing woman he married was by his side the entire time. My Dad never took me on any official birding observations with binoculars. But he did take me goose hunting and for walks in the woods where he would point out animal tracks and unusual plants. Just recently, he took a leaf from a tree on our neighborhood to try and determine species. Curiosity, what a wonderful trait. Thanks Dad.

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What a year! Hope your 2007 is exceptional.