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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mammals of India

Warren is just back from a 2-day trip with Secretary of State Clinton to Mexico, but Birdcouple is still trying to savor our wonderful India vacation. It was crazy good with birds, but we saw a lot else besides. Including mammals, small...

Five-Striped Palm Squirrel
And large:
The Gaur is a type of bison, and is the largest wild bovine found in the world. Males weigh up to a ton and a half. Yes, this one probably could have taken on our safari jeep and won if it had a mind to. Luckily it was busy doing what bovines usually do - eating.
We saw the Gaur at Kanha Tiger Reserve, where we sepnt 2 1/2 days and encountered Jungle Cat, Sloth Bear and three types of deer. Spotted Deer were all over the place:

Barking Deer were more secretive and uncommon, staying in the forest. Check out the facial pattern:

And Swamp Deer:

I have to stop monkeying around and get back to work. Here's a langur: