Sunday, May 25, 2014

ABC: Save the Golden-Winged Warbler

This beautiful illustration in Bird Conservation, the journal of the American Bird Conservancy, jumped out at us over this lovely, slow Memorial Day weekend Birdcouple is spending at home, after successive weekends of crazy birding and hiking. (As we have mentioned before, BC loves the ABC!!)

While the campaign to save the Golden-Wing was tied in with the Biggest Week in American Birding, it is not too late to donate. Birdcouple just did.

Golden-Winged Warblers are among the fastest declining birds in the Americas, according to the ABC. To see one in migration here in Maryland, or at a handful of nesting spots out in far Western maryland, is a very very special experience. The money ABC raises will advance reforestation work in the El Jaguar Private Reserve, an important wintering grounds.

As the rush of spring migration 2014 in North America starts to slow, it's time to put down the bins (for just a few moments) and think of conservation.

As, ABC says, a little GREEN can save the GOLD!

You can donate here.

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