Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photo Big Day

.. and other news from our friends at Princeton University Press.

     The folks who brought us The Warbler Guide (which is sitting next to us as we type), Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle, are collaborating again, along with the American Birding Association and the NYC Audubon, on a race to see and photograph as many species as possible within a 24-hour period. It's called the Photo Big Day, and you can learn more about it - and how to start your own team - at that link above.

    Sounds like fun - and a bit of a challenge for nocturnal species or fly-by birds!

    Just as cool, Princeton University Press will be releasing later this spring a new app, called BirdGenie, that they say will identify bird song with 90 percent or greater accuracy.

   Love that logo. The app will work with Apple and Android devices. Here's the links for the app for Eastern and Western birds.

  Finally, here's the Press' homepage.

  PS - Before signing off, we have to also mention their title, Bumble Bees of North America. A must-get for Princess Lisa.

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