Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Training of Alvin...

Please feast your eyes on the cutest little being ever. 


Yes, babies are cute and all.  Puppies and kittens pretty adorable.  But, Chipmunks... come on!  You really don't get much better than chipmunks. 

Every year I attempt to hand feed one in the LoveNest yard.   In the past, I admit to not being quite as dedicated or as consistent in my training.  I name them all Alvin each year without knowing if it is the same little striped rodent or not. 

Ok, so before you send me 100s of email about how I am going to get bit and then get rabies.... remind yourself that I am the Snow White of the yard.   The female half of the amazing BC!  Perhaps even a Warg.

Without further ado... here is Alvin approximately 1 week from eating out of my hand.

 Check back in a few weeks to see the mangled mess of my hand from a hospital bed getting intraveneous antibiotics and rabies medication...

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