Sunday, September 30, 2012

Duck Stamp: We have a 2013 winner!

This beautiful, touching painting of a Common Goldeneye by Robert Steiner of San Francisco was chosen yesterday as the winner of the 2012 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest, and will appear on the 2013-2014 duck stamp, which goes on sale next June.

Birdcouple LOVES this piece of art - the painting captures its subject perfectly - and obviously the judges did too.

More on the contest, the 2nd and 3rd place winners, and the duck stamp program is available right here on the Fish & Wildlife Service website right here.

Wait a MINUTE! Have you purchased your 2012-2013 duck stamp yet? Please do it, and preserve some habitat.

Tomorrow is Oct. 1. The ducks will be here soon...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Working Hard and Playing Hard...

Why must work get in the way when there is so much playing to do? 

Fall migration is in full swing and Cute Husband is hot on the search for his final 8 birds to reach the golden number of 300 for the year in the state of Maryland. 

Meanwhile, work for both of us has exploded in the last week, making early morning birding wake up calls a little rougher. 

Or it could be all the de-stress late night playing we did with friends and family this weekend...

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


MEGA. That's what we call a super-rare bird, like one that has never, or rarely ever, been seen in a given state or other area.

Well, we had a MEGA, history-making pelagic trip on August 24-25, sailing out of Lewes, Delaware with Paul Guris and the great bunch from See Life Paulagics.

We left at 11pm - yes in the evening - aboard the Thelma Dale V, spending the night on benches, floors and what have you aboard the fishing vessel. But at dawn, rewards awaited.

This is the first EVER Herald Petral seen in Maryland waters (or lands). It flew around our boat for at least 25 minutes, giving great views to all.

(Sorry for the mediocre pictures, but photography aboard a moving boat, while you are jostling with other excited birders and excited yourself, is ... challenging).

Another reason to be excited:  2 maybe 3 Black-Capped Petrels joined the fun. Another life bird!

That alone would have made it an incredible trip, but we were rewarded later in the day when two ace Maryland birders, Ed Boyd and Mikey Lutmerding, spotted another bird that makes pelagic birders drool. A White-Faced Storm Petrel (No photo unfortunately).

Who's this beauty? Just a gorgeous Greater Shearwater. What a trip.