Monday, November 28, 2011

BirdCouple is 5 Years OLD!

Warren and I are so proud of our little blog child and are stunned that five years have passed since the creation.  BC has not only been a great learning and sharing experience, but it has also been a wonderful diary of adventures and new friends.

We met Peter Kaestner in 2006.

And went and visited him and his lovely family in India in 2009.

We met Paul Baicich in 2006 and he opened our minds to birding conservation.

In 2007, my Dad taught me everything he knew about beekeeping. 

In 2009, I said goodbye to him for the final time...

In 2007, David Sibley commented on the "mystery bird" that found his way to our feeder...

As the years went by, so did many cameras (and one computer) that proved themselves unworthy of BirdCouple magic.   We introduced BC to Twitter and Facebook.


Cute Husband and I celebrate each New Year's Day counting all the common birds as new "ticks" for the year and then we spend a weekend every February at the Ocean City Maryland Inlet... freezing and remembering the anniversary of the day we met.

Warren traveled to Iran Afghanistan , Indonesia and Iraq for journalist work and a little birding -as safety permitted.


Our boys grew up and became men...and gentlemen!

 We hiked 500+ miles on the Appalachian Trail, noting loads of birds as we walked.

We also took note of all the other cool things planet Earth has to offer...

We traveled to India, Namibia, Arizona, North Dakota, Florida, Oregon and Hawaii in search of birds and more birds....

And, sure we have our occasional love spats, but the best part of the last five years has been sharing and celebrating  it all with the love of my life, my best friend.


 Here's to another 5 + 45 years of pure fun and love! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So, that is why they call it Paradise...

YES!   Aloha!

Cute Husband was locked in editing for APEC in Hawaii for a week and I decided to migrate in and play with him after a week of sun and fun.

 In fact, I was doing the running man to get him!
 Nothing in Oahu would be complete without a day of snorkeling in Hanauma Bay Park...

 Or a trip up to the top of Diamond Head.

 How can the sky be so blue?

 Hi Honolulu!
 Why I refer to him as Cute Husband...
 And of course  BIRDING!
 We managed to tick off the majority of non-native species such as these Red Crested Cardinals.  Beautiful, but not native to the island.  Along with a Northern Cardinal, who really does not belong in HI.   Along with Java Sparrows, White Rumped Shamas, Red-billed Leothrix, Japanese White-eyes, Yellow- fronted canaries, Common Waxbills and Bulbuls of different varieties.  All beautiful birds, but not native to the island.
 We checked out the Lyon Arboretum twice in hopes of meeting some true Hawaii natives.


We hung out in the native Hawaiian plant garden and managed to get a quick glance of an Akekee, but the plants, mammals, people and birds who visit Hawaii seem to enjoy it so much, they never leave and sometimes push out the natives....

We drove to the North Shore and see... it is paradise....

Turtles loved my Love.  Warren managed to snorkel with them...

Right after I left to warm up...

And, then the wanted to hop up on his paddle board to be near him....

But, Beware!   There are many dangers in Paradise!

But, BirdCouple laughs at danger!

Really, how can a place be so beautiful?

Warren birds the last of the day...

Maybe a monthly visit to the Islands?  
We could do bird research!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quiz: Where am I?

Warren went walking on the beach the other morning, and then did a little urban birding. Some of the birds he saw: Common Waxbill, Java Sparrow, White Tern, Ruddy Turnstone, Pacific Golden-Plover, Black-Crowned Night-Heron, House Sparrow, Zebra Dove.

Where is he?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the Winner is...

The 2012 Duck Stamp will be a Wood Duck!

After two days assessing nearly 200 entries, the judges declared work by Joe Hautman of Minnesota the winner.

This is Hautman’s fourth win. His art appeared on the duck stamp in 1991, 2001 and 2007.

I'm always a fan of Wood Ducks!  And the Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp!

Ducks Unlimited, the nation’s oldest and largest waterfowl conservation organization, is urging waterfowl hunters to double up this fall and buy two federal duck stamps, rather than simply purchasing the requisite one.

BirdCouple is urging birders to do the same!   A small investment in our natural resources....