Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hawaii goes digital early ... for the birds

... and some other news.

As many of our readers may know, next month (Feb. 17, to be precise), the United States is supposed to convert entirely to digital TV, dropping analog signals that go through the air, and with them those "rabbit ears" that used to stick out of the back of every one's TV.

The state of Hawaii, bless its heart, has begun switching early (last week), in order to protect the Hawaiian petrel, also known as the Ua'u. The petrel is endangered, and officials feared if they didn't move now, its breeding season would be disrupted by the destruction of old analog towers on the slopes of Haleakala volcano. (Thanks to Papa Carl for passing this one on...)

In other news, BIGBY (that's the Big Green Big Year) is out with its report for 2008. BIGBY means Green Birding -- and carbon-neutral birding. One aspect of this is to find as many species as possible without resorting to the use of an internal combustion engine. This means birding on foot, by bicycle, etc. Another variant is birding through the use of public transportation.

Birdcouple's BIGBY list is at 57. This nothing compared to the biggest BIGBY list of 2008, which goes to two Californians who went green and still saw 295 species. Amazing! You can get the full 2008 report here (It's a PDF file).

Finally, we'd like to welcome our dear friends Louis and Vencka Peterson to the blogosphere. Please take a moment to check out their place, Wood Chips and Kitty Fur.



Dawn Fine said...

Nice to see that Hawaii is switching over to digital now for the birdies!
Love to hear news like that...
I love the idea of a bigby year...but i guess Jeff and I wouldn't qualify because our home is on wheels.

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Well, I think if you stay in any place more than 1 or 2 nights and go on foot in search of birds, that should count as BIGY birding!

Love your new icon there. :0